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Tap Takeover with Austin’s Local Craft Brewery, Meanwhile Brewing Co.

Tapheads, as you know, at Oz. Tap House we are all about connecting, building, and supporting our local community. This month we were delighted to kick off our new “Tap Takeover” segment where we host local and independent craft breweries for a night of beer tasting, connection, games, and feature some of their best beer on our self-pour tap-wall for all of you to try. This month’s Tap Takeover went to Austin’s own, award-winning brewery, Meanwhile Brewing Co. Created by Will Jaquiss, a former brewer of award-winning Breakside Brewing of Portland, Oregon. Meanwhile opened its doors to the Southeast Austin community on October 16, 2020.

When we asked Connor (Meanwhile’s director of sales and marketing) about Meanwhile’s philosophy he stated their mission was to create high-quality craft beer that tasted good, but also provided a peaceful, submerging, and enjoyable respite experience for all beer lovers. “If we create a beer, and someone does not enjoy it, or feel passionate about it we have failed as a brewery. We want people to enjoy our products, especially with good company because “Whether you are “clocking out, gearing up, winding down, or passing through, “we want all Meanwhile beer to offer an experience worth raising a glass to.” (Connor, Meanwhile Brewing Co).

The chill vibes, respite philosophy, and award-winning beer made us so excited to have Meanwhile at Oz. Tap House we decided to feature five, two gold medal winners, and three classic and new Meanwhile favorites, on our self-pour wall. Accompanied with a taste profile, Meanwhile makes it easy to pair their craft beer with food that will accentuate each beer’s flavor profile. Based on this information we have matched all Meanwhile featured beers with a delicious, local farm-to-market fare, Oz. Tap House menu option so that all Tapheads can experience a slice of Meanwhile’s quality and respite philosophy with a fun Oz. Tap House twist! Cheers!

Check out all our Meanwhile featured beers and food pairing recommendations below. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events and future Tap Takeover features.


Style of Beer: San Diego Style IPA | AVB: 6.2% | IBU: 55

AWARDS: *Gold Medal* for American IPA at the 2022 Texas Craft Brewers Cup

Drinking Profile: Golden IPA with clean, light, biscuit malt characters that smell and taste like marmalade, blueberries, and the devil's lettuce.

Food Pairing: Oz House Burger, House Tacos (Steak), BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich


Style of Beer: German-Style Pilsner | AVB: 4.8% | IBU: 27

AWARDS: *Gold Medal* for German-Style Pilsener at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival

Drink Profile: Bright floral nose with a twist of lemon peel accompanies a crisp cracker body that finishes light and dry. This beer is the ultimate reminder to slow down, pay attention to the details, find the beauty in the little moments and enjoy the company you keep.

Food Pairing: Blackened Salmon Tacos with Black Beans & Mango Pico, Blackened Cod Tacos, Ahi Tuna Tacos


Style of Beer: Blue Corn Lager | AVB: 4.8% | IBU: 12 | Specialty: Hopi Blue Corn

Drink Profile: Hopi Blue Corn grown locally and processed by Texmalt to create a crushable lager that is light and earthy.

Food Pairing: Ahi Tuna Burger, Salmon Salad, Wings (We recommend the naked wings with sauce on the side, for an extra crispy experience.)


Style of Beer: Northwest IPA | AVB: 6.8% | IBU: 55

Drinking Profile: Candied pineapple, grapefruit zest and a touch of pine and dark berries create this northwest IPA packed with a bright citrus and pine hop character.

Food Pairing: Fish and Chips, Crispy Chicken Tacos, Brie & Berry Burger


Style of Beer: Hazy IPA | AVB: 6.6% | Hops: Waiti, Mosaic, Chinook

Drinking Profile: A tap on the shoulder, a ding-dong ditch, a sleight of hand, a playful trick. Don't be afraid of a little mischief. Peach rings, Mandarin, Guava

Food Pairing: Charcuterie Pretzel, Quesadilla, Chicken Nachos

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