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Knowledge by the Oz. Issue 1

Are you a fan of obtaining new insight into all subject matter surrounding beer, cocktails, and wine? Are you just trying to find out the best way to utilize our self-pour taps to its highest efficiency? Or are you someone who just enjoys a good read? Well if that is you, welcome to our first issue of "Knowledge with Nick". Every Wednesday we will be posting answers to customers burning questions. Below are the first questions asked to our Beverage Director Nick Baizer.

What are the benefits of self-pour taps at Oz. Tap House & Grill?

Our self-pour taps offer many benefits in comparison to a normal bar setting. Some of the best feedback we get is the customers ability to try a multitude of drinks an oz. at a time. This allows you to, with your hearts desire, match with a new favorite from our 40 taps. The self-pour system allows you to have a chance to be your own mixologist.... WITHOUT having to wait for your drink to be made. You are in control, just like it should be.

Do you ever have new beers come into the store?

Yes, our taps are constantly rotating to make sure our 40 taps are constantly in use for our guests. If you make your way into our store, you can also find what beers are on the horizon through the “Untappd” app as well as instore on our tap wall monitor. We are constantly taking the feedback from our guests and taking note of any preferences you may have. You can find us on Untappd “OZ. Tap House”

What does ABV & IBU mean when talking about alcohol?

ABV: Alcohol by volume- measures the percentage of alcohol in a beverage

IBU: International Bitterness Units- usually this relates to bitterness or a stronger hoppy taste

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