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Beer of the Week: Circle Brewing "Tuxedo Tshirt Black IPA"

a row of Circle Brewing

We love beer at OZ. Tap House and live to pass that passion on to you. That's why we celebrate the best bevs in the land with a new Beer of the Week every Thursday!

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"Tuxedo Tshirt Black IPA"

Brewing Company: Circle Brewing

In 2010, Circle Brewing Co. was founded by childhood friends, Ben Sabel and Judson Mulherin. With some help from their friends and family, they pooled the money to retain a lease and start construction on the brewery in March of that year. After a long and grueling buildout, a few equipment delays, and a peppering of a little good and a little bad luck, they brewed their first batch of beer on December 9th, 2010, the ENVY Amber. 

Ben and Jud had brewed beer since they were kids growing up in Nashville. They always loved beer (how could they not?), and after some serious thought and a little hands-on brewery experience, they made the leap, packed up their stuff and moved to Austin in 2008 to open their brewery. 

An award-winning brewery, they continue to push themselves, learn new things, and experiment in their brewing.

Style of Beer: IPA/ Black/Cascadian Dark Ale

The Black/Cascadian Dark Ale IPA is dark in color, of course, with a prominent “Northwest” hop aroma—citrusy, piney and resinous. The body has some sweet malt flavors, with hints of roastiness and toasted malt. The flavors should strike a beautiful balance between citrusy-resinous Northwest hops and, to a lesser degree, roasted, chocolate malt or caramel notes. The finish should be semi-dry, not heavy like a porter or stout. Hop aromas and flavors should be prominent, but the malt balance should not be lost in an onslaught of hops. In other words, when closing your eyes, it should not simply taste like a typical American IPA.

Drink Profile:

Hoppy, roasted, and classy, the Tuxedo Tshirt Black IPA is a formal beer that's down to party. IPAs in general are having a comeback in 2022 and it's easy to see why. A clash of flavors can often be a bad thing, but not in this instance. Laced with an aroma of molasses, the drink kicks off with a hint of citrus before getting down to business and balancing out with a malty flavor.